by Stephanie Iscovitz & Kerri Kenny

Having just lost their grandmother, three sisters prepare for the middle sister’s wedding. Tensions run high, as their own mother refuses to attend and they begin to question what’s right and wrong.

“Sleeping With Earrings On” premiered at the New York New Works Theatre Festival, August 2014 and was recognized (by a panel of Broadway producers and Emmy winners) with the award for First Place!



 by Cathy Earnest

Two strangers, Glen and Grace, find themselves alone on a cloud after the bus they had been riding on blows up. They are left to come to terms with their death, while trying to appreciate the last moments of their life, as they watch themselves slowly disappear, from the bottom up.

“Disappearing,” premiered in Between Us ProductionsTake Ten Festival, March 2013 and was recognized with awards for Best Play (Cathy Earnest), Best Director (Jaclyn Gramigna), Best Actress (Jennifer Hunter) and a nomination for Best Actor (Benjamin Foronda)!!

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