Hey strangers!

I haven’t had time to blog for the past few weeks, not sure if you’ve noticed. Don’t really have time today either but I wanted to at least put up something…

This post isn’t completely in line with what I usually write about but I witnessed something strange happen on the subway last night and wrote a poem/short story hybrid about it.

Here it goes…


DEFENSE // 6.8.17

Just saw

A man

Run up to

Two women

Heads in scarves

Flowers topped granny cart.

He dropped to the ground

Kneeling on

Subway linoleum.

(Don’t ask questions

you know the answer to.)

He must have said something

The women nearly jumped,

Backed up

With a nervous voice

“you keep following us and

Doing that.

Leave us


He stayed for a moment before


Away through the car,

Dangerously close,

The hairs on the back of my neck…

As my eyes connected with

Other women

Across from me.

Expressions on guard.

Scarf’d scoot to the opposite side.

The rest

Keeping watch.

The man sat in defense

Let out a laugh

next to a friend,

Or stranger.

Words lingered like stale air…

Don’t ask questions

You know

The answer.


Not sure if it’s completely clear what happened, though I don’t think it’s necessary to say. What struck me about this situation was that even though the harassed women were clearly uncomfortable, on edge, fearful (they literally said so out loud) the male onlookers in the subway car seemed completely oblivious to the situation. While, all of the female witnesses (myself included) were clearly in tune to this creepy vibe. We noticeably sat forward in our seats, kept our eyes–AKA┬ádeath glares–locked on the dude, we shared angry, confused, sympathetic looks. If he had come back, there were at least 3 other women who would’ve stood up with me. It clearly showed the difference to me of how men and women go through the world. As women, there’s a lot more to be scared of on a daily basis and our senses are tuned to defense. The clear (and wordless) communication I exchanged with the other women who witnessed this was palpable. Even though we were complete strangers, I could tell we all saw the same thing and we were all ready to run or fight or scream. There was some comfort in that, women sticking together, intuitively feeling the same things at the same times and knowing we’d have these two women’s backs if this guy tried to approach them again.


I have a lot more to say about all of this but that’s all the time I have to write!


Leaving it at this…Ladies, let’s find comfort in each others’ presence. No matter how different we are, we all experience life from a female perspective. Let’s look out for each other.

There is safety in numbers and…

[You are not alone.]