What up, Friday people? You may or may not have noticed that I did not blog last week. I’ll be honest, there were just not enough hours in the day and I didn’t plan well enough ahead. I’d like to believe I had a good excuse because I was finishing up pre-production for a new short film (that we shot this past Monday) but I still felt bad

Today feels like a happy Friday! This was a pretty good week. I wrote almost every day and am now halfway through the 3rd act of my screenplay! Basically, the end is in sight and I am thrilled about it, not to mention this draft (#13) feels like the real deal. I mean, it will definitely continue to be revised probably until it’s completely shot but I feel

Spring is here and it’s the best! Though it’s cloudy today it has been so nice out and the weather forecast for next week looks lovely. I always want to pretend I’m not affected by seasonal depression but it’s crazy how much the warmer temperatures and longer sunlight do affect my mood positively.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all the weather (and was maybe a storm chaser

OMG it’s Friday (again) already! It is my 10th week in a row doing this blog and it’s the first time that it has felt like work. It was a really intense week on this job (long hours that were both mentally and physically challenging) and all I want to do today is chill. That being said I woke up to the reminder that I had almost 200

Gotta keep this one short, because I’m on a deadline! You know what they say, “when it rains, it pours,” which is exactly what I was hoping for, job-wise. HURRAY! This has been a good week! I have managed to make some progress on the current draft of my screenplay, as well as do some paid work (and booked another job for all of next week!). It’s going

Running late today because I had a (kind of intense) job all week (yay for jobs!). To be honest I have been too busy this week to really think about anything other than the job I was on but this post will scratch the surface of something that has managed to come up despite the lack of brain space. Do you all ever get stressed about the work/life

This week started off really rough.

BEFORE // 3.16.17

Sometimes I think

I’m not meant

to be alive.

I’m not a functioning member

of society.

Sometimes I have trouble


I can’t force my

lazy self

to do

things I don’t want,

Oh my goodness, it’s Friday again. I’m going to start this one off with something positive (because sometimes I need a reminder). This week I had the opportunity to meet with multiple people to gather their wisdom about making their first features and now my plan has legitimately started to form. Like, I know the first steps that I need to do to really start getting this off


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Happy Friday! Usually Fridays don’t feel any different for me than any other day (because, you know, freelance…) but today feels like a bonafide Friday! This week has been particularly overwhelming. I had some (very) low paid freelance work that is very tedious and takes more time than it is really worth and I just kept getting in my head about how it was such a waste of

Hello! Thanks for coming! I’m going to break my usual format and start with the poem this time…

GUILTY // 2.28.17

I can’t figure out

how to make it work.

How to work and

have work not feel

like what it is.