This week started off really rough.

BEFORE // 3.16.17

Sometimes I think

I’m not meant

to be alive.

I’m not a functioning member

of society.

Sometimes I have trouble


I can’t force my

lazy self

to do

things I don’t want,

to do,


I wrote this poem in the midst of a “small” mental breakdown. I was getting lost in my mind spiral again, having trouble getting my priorities straight.

Something needed to change. 

I decided to create some structure for myself and see if I could keep it up all week. So, starting this past Tuesday I woke up early, did 30 minutes of yoga (I don’t know about you but the only way I can meditate is by distracting my brain with my body), ate breakfast and wrote for an hour before even opening my email/checking my phone.

Let me tell you it has made a HUUUUUUGE difference. I’ve managed to do it every day since…so it’s only been 4 days in a row but the difference in how I’m feeling is massive.

Today is my 29th birthday and I wrote this series of haikus about how I am feeling.


A little bit brisk,

The air kisses my earlobes.

Whole new year ahead.

Grateful for challenge,

Complex textures worth testing,

Creamy with crunchy.

Filling the cake mold,

With molten chocolate comfort,

One day at a time.

Exquisite friendships,

Overflowing with laughter,

I am not alone.

Hello, cool weekend,

Maybe I’ll jump for joy,

Start off with a bang. 

Starting the last year of my 20s with hope, passion and a fire under my butt!

Thank you to all of the amazing people in my life who have kept believing in me, even when I’ve had trouble myself.

This year promises to be the most challenging yet but I am excited and ready.

I am not alone (and either are you)!