I haven’t blogged in a while and I’m supposed to be writing right now, but instead I’m writing this.


I am choosing to feel empowered by the showing of women standing together…of no longer letting our rapists, assaulters and harassers control us. A trauma doesn’t just go away but the solidarity I feel, with my fellow women, is more than ever before.


I am choosing to feel inspired by the men in my life who have started to take action in their own lives because they believe people should be equal, regardless of their gender. There is obviously a lot that needs to be done to truly achieve equality but I believe the take down of Harvey Weinstein can be an actual step towards that and that is exciting.


It’s been a rough week, reading everyone’s stories, and reliving my own. It doesn’t mean I feel safer walking on dark streets at night but at least people are saying they believe us.


When thinking about feminism as a stepping stone to humanism (meaning all humans, regardless of gender, race, sexuality etc should have equal rights and opportunities) there’s a long way to go. Something we can do every day is to make sure our personal feminism includes ALL humans who identify as female. There is no other way to be a true feminist. It is inclusive by definition.


ASHES // 10.19.17


Change is in the air,
it thrums.
Pinches at the
edges of
a moment.
Relentless as a gnat.
Squash it
but you can’t.
It’s too fast,
too far ahead.
Dam it up
until the pressure
A droplet
eventually erodes
a mountain.
A stream grows to
a river.
The current, its fervor
can take out an
water is cleansing,
so is fire,
and a phoenix needs
ashes to rise.


I want to believe that some change will inspire more. I can feel the potential. I’m done with “grin and bear it” and I hope you are too.

[You are not alone.]